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CDR Tracker® - For What You Really Need to Know

What is CDR Tracker®?

CDR Tracker® is an online database that follows drugs through Canada's Common Drug Review (CDR) reimbursement approval process from CDR submission to public drug plan reimbursement decisions. The CDR Tracker®database provides the most comprehensive information on drugs that are going through, or have been through, the public drug reimbursement process in Canada.

Who needs CDR Tracker®?

The information in the CDR Tracker® is of value not only to pharmaceutical company professionals but to anyone interested in the public reimbursement of pharmaceuticals in Canada. The CDR Tracker® can provide information to answer many questions:

  • Which drugs have been submitted to the Common Drug Review (CDR)?
  • Which drugs have received a CEDAC recommendation?
  • Do all public plans make the same decisions on drug reimbursement?
  • And more

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