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CDR Tracker® - For What You Really Need to Know

What information is contained in the CDR Tracker® Database?
The database contains several filterable fields of information and is continuously growing. The database can tell you which drugs have received priority reviews, which are biologics, when the CEDAC recommendation was made and where the drug is listed; plus much more.

Who needs CDR Tracker®
CDR Tracker®provides valuable information for anyone trying to navigate Canada's public drug reimbursement system. Whether it is your first submission to CDR or one of many, the CDR Tracker® database can provide you with insights into decisions by therapeutic class, time to listing by the public plans and the level of acceptance of CEDAC recommendations by the various public plans and much more. CDR Tracker® provides you with the information you really need to know to make the most informed decision for your product.

When should you use CDR Tracker®?
CDR Tracker® can be used in advance of a submission to gather historic information about products in a similar class. It can be used to monitor time to listing for the various public plans and their adherence to CEDAC recommendations. For what you really need to know, we have the answers.

The CDR Tracker® provides essential information for tracking a competitor's experience involving the Common Drug Review process. The information provided in the CEDAC summary recommendations may reveal key positive or negative elements that influence CEDAC decisions in a specific pharmaceutical category.

The CDR Tracker® can also be used by those who are responsible for the planning required to bring new drugs into Canada. There is considerable value to be derived information from all CEDAC decisions published and the subsequent follow-up by Public plans. With the aid of this data, the reviewer is able to prepare realistic reimbursement objectives.

Further, the information from the time-to-listing tables can provide approximate time frames of when final reimbursement decisions may be expected and when to maximize sales/marketing efforts.

And more.

The CDR Tracker® database is a membership subscription service. Click here to see our offerings. Contact us for more information at

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